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Hand Scan

Hand Scan program is the first low-cost and automatic hand measurement product in the world. It provides a simple, cost effective and systematic approach to obtain accurate and consistent hand measurements. Hand Scan is an ideal tool for fast and reliable hand data collection in a very large scale.

Equipped with a glove sizing rule, Hand Scan can automatically select a correct glove size based on a hand picture. Click here for details on Glove Sizing.



Hand Scan measures a number of hand dimensions from a simple hand picture,which is acquired from any flatbed scanner. Utilizing advanced technologies in both digital image processing, and anthropometry, Hand Scan is able to identify and calculate the hand dimensions accurately in a seconds.
Hand Scan uses the standard scanner interface, TWAIN, to control a scanner, so that it is compatible with all the scanner with TWAIN. Hand Scan stores the values of all the hand measurements in a standard database format for convenient data retrieval.

The Dimensions
9 hand dimensions are accurately measured in current HandScan release:
1. Palm width
2. Hand length
3. Palm length
4. Digit length (5)
5. Digit width (1)

The System Specifications
Computer: windows95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP, MS Access
Scanner: Flatbed scanner with TWAIN support.