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VisImage Systems Inc.

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70 East Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 30
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Canada L4B 3B2

Website: www.vis.ca

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PePA – Pediatric Platform for Anthropometry

Key Features

§  Provide nine accurate anthropometrical measures in seconds for recumbent postures without a specific restriction, including length, head circumference; head length; torso length; left/right upper leg lengths; and left/right lower leg length,  and weight.

§  Measurement results are plotted on the Growth Charts for visualization, assessment over time and comparison with the average values for children of the same age.

§  Secured database to facilitate further examination and monitoring processes.

§  Friendly user interface requires no extensive knowledge or training for usage purposes thus has a minimal learning curve regardless of user’s experience level.

Clinic Study

§  A clinic study is conducted at SickKids Children’s Hospital in Toronto. The preliminary results suggest that very high concordance with the gold standard tool and is much faster in obtaining a measure.  The result is published in 2015 and available here

Medical Device Establishment License

§  VisImage Systems Inc. has complied with the Medical Devices Regulations of the Food and Drugs Act and in 2014, and is issued a Medical Device Establishment Licence by Health Canada. MDEL 6028 

Product Pamphlet is available here