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VisImage Systems Inc.

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BoSS-21 Combo

What is BoSS-21 Combo?

BoSS-21Combo is an accurate, efficient and cost effective tool that measures the human body including a sitting posture. It is the intergration of BoSS-21 and BoSS SP. It can caculate not only over 70 human body measurements, but also 7 measurements of sitting posture.

Why is this useful?
Each year, even a small military force can waste millions of dollars on uniforms that don't fit, through inventory management errors, unnecessary custom fitting, costly redesigns, and so on.
This state-of-the-art system was designed and developed by VisImage Systems Inc., in association with DSSPM and DRDC-Toronto.

How Does BoSS-21 SP Work?

The system captures two simultaneous high-resolution images of a person sitting on an adjustable seat, from the front and the side. In seconds, the proprietary image processing software measures the following critical sitting dimensions:

  • Sitting height
  • Sitting eye height
  • Sitting acromion height
  • Knee height
  • Buttock to knee length

BoSS-21 SP can be customized to work in any language, and to interface with an existing IT infrastructure.


Features of BoSS-21 SP
  • Fast: image acquisition takes only a fraction of a second, measurement is completed in seconds
  • Accurate: more reliable than measures repeated by different anthropometric experts
  • Dependable: requires almost no maintenance
  • Cost effective: constructed using off-the-shelf commonly available equipment
  • Easy to operate: requires no special knowledge or training
    BoSS-21 SP is a stand-alone turnkey solution that can operate independently, or as part of an IT network.

Benefits of BoSS-21 SP

BoSS-21 SP helps designers "fit the job to the man" rather than "fitting the man to the job." It offers the following advantages:
Provides accurate data for outfit people with customized sitting related equipment and workspaces
Quickly and easily creates and updates an anthropometric database of sitting posture body dimensions of a specific user group (e.g. drivers, pilots)
Assists ergonomic design of workspaces such as offices, vehicle interiors, cockpits, ship bridges, and command centres.