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VisImage Systems Inc.

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What is BoSS-21? [Intro Video]
BoSS-21 (Body Sizing System for the 21st Century) is an accurate, efficient and cost effective tool that measures the human body and recommends correct garment and equipment sizes.

Why is this useful?
Each year, even a small military force can waste millions of dollars on uniforms that don't fit, through inventory management errors, unnecessary custom fitting, costly redesigns, and so on.
This state-of-the-art system was designed and developed by VisImage Systems Inc., in association with DSSPM and DRDC-Toronto.


What does BoSS-21 do?
Currently in use by the Canadian Forces, BoSS-21 combines the expertise of garment and equipment designers with the consistency and speed of a computer, making accurate measurement and sizing fast, efficient, and dependable.
BoSS-21 removes the guesswork from garment fitting, which can speed the entire process dramatically.
By recording the garment size requirements of your personnel in a database, inventory acquisition and management can be done much more accurately, without the guesswork.
By recording body measurements, designers of garments, equipment and workspaces finally have access to the data they need. They can design specifically for the needs of your personnel, rather than using population averages.

How Does BoSS-21 Work?
The system captures three simultaneous high-resolution images of an individual, from the top, front and the side. In seconds, the proprietary image processing software measures his or her body. Then, using sizing rules customized by your designers, BoSS-21 recommends the correct size of the garments and equipment you specify.
BoSS-21 can be customized to work in any language, and to interface with any existing IT infrastructure.


Features of BoSS-21
Fast: image acquisition takes only a fraction of a second, and the body   measurement and    garment sizing is completed in seconds
● Accurate: more reliable than measures repeated by different anthropometric experts
● Dependable: no moving parts, requires almost no maintenance Cost effective: constructed using    off-the-shelf commonly available technology
● Easy to operate: requires no special knowledge or training
● Private:
  ○ BoSS-21 is much less invasive than traditional methods
  ○ Imaging is done in an enclosed chamber
  ○ Faces are pixilated automatically before being displayed
  ○ No images are stored to disk
  ○ BoSS-21 is a stand-alone turnkey solution that can operate independently, or as part of an  IT network.

Advantages of BoSS-21
● Reduces high rate of return of poorly-fitted garments
● Reduces frequency of unnecessary alterations
● Creates and updates a database of both body dimensions and garment size requirements of current Forces personnel
● Optimizes inventory management and logistics: inventory is acquired based on the needs of the actual personnel on hand, inventory levels can be minimised, and costly last-minute acquisitions can be avoided
● Provides accurate data for the construction of custom garments and personal equipment.