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Foot Scan

The Principle  

An image of a foot is acquired from a scanner. The foot contour is automatically extracted against the background. The landmarks are automatically identified based on the anthropometric definitions. Then the foot dimensions are calculated.

The Dimensions

1. Foot length
2. Foot width
3. Heel Width.
4. Inner Planner Arch Length
5. Outer Planner Arch Length
6. Ball-flex Angle
7. Anterior Flexion Angle
8. Posterior Flexion Angle


The Accuracy  

The foot width, foot length, heel width, and heel-ball length are measured both automatically by Foot Scan program and manually by anthropometric professionals. There were 90 subjects. The correlation between the two was above 99%. 

The System Specifications  

Computer: windows95/98/NT/2000, MS SQL 7/2000 Server
Scanner: Flatbed scanner with TWAIN support.

The Applications

1. Shoe Size Selection: The foot scan system has been developed for shoe size selection used in Canadian Forces. The correct boot size can be selected for an measured individual feet.
2. Anthropometric Survey: This system can provide fast and reliable foot measurements for a large scale anthropometric survey.