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AutoPASS (Automatic Pilot Anthropometrical Screening System) is a patented technology; a method and system for determining a subject’s suitability for workstations such as aircraft cockpits, based on the subject’s anthropometric measurements. The subject’s measurements are used as input to a workspace accommodation model that predicts an individual’s ability to perform the tasks that are judged to be critical to the safe operation of said workspace.

The workspace accommodation model is derived from experimentation and testing to determine the critical anthropometric measurements which will allow a subject to acceptably accomplish the tasks required for the workspace. Further the model is modular and adaptable such that it can improve the accuracy of its predictions with new cases, and thus learning curve increases over time.

AutoPASS can be implemented in such a way that it is integrated with the automatic body sizing system. AutoPASS makes it easy to determine a subject’s suitability for workstation as it provides body measurements for both standing and seated postures, as well as (military) aircraft summary describing the operability of an individual over the aircraft fleet.


It performs a basic pilot screening task. To fly an aircraft or to drive an armored vehicle the pilot must sit in a specific posture and different aircrafts/vehicles require different body dimensions within limits of set minimums and maximums. These body dimensions are an essential and strict standard for any pilot candidate. To fly an armored aircraft, the pilot must meet specific anthropometrical requirements.  Therefore, the method of acquiring an accurate body measurement and selecting a suitable pilot is an important and complex task for pilot screening.

AutoPASS is an internationally unique and industry leading technology. Since 2004, AutoPASS is regularly used in the Canadian Air Force for pilot screening.  This application has helped the Air Force in the processes for pilot student selection and monitor active pilots. The AutoPASS is continually expanding in the international market and the application will be widely used over the world. Military units from various other countries currently discussing custom product development and have displayed a growing interest.


  1. Launch PASS: The “Pass” window displays a set of anthropometric measurement for a given pilot along with the “Bivarplot” window that displays a distribution of seated-height and thigh-length.
  2. Input Measures into PASS: To predict if a pilot is suitable to an aircraft, a set of anthropometrical measurements from this individual need to be input to PASS system. Data can be entered manually, via database and by using MS Excel Sheet.
  3. Aircraft Summary: When the required anthropometrical measurements are presented to PASS results button will invoke the Aircraft Summary, which shows which aircraft/vehicle could be operated by this subject from the anthropometric point of view. The green means <Pass>, Yellow means <Borderline>, Red means <Fail> and Grey means <No Data>. <No Data> happens only if the specific aircraft module has not been trained.
  4. Seat Position Summary: A seat position summary window is available by click on the button for each aircraft.