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SickKids Hospital collaboration on PePA

VisImage Systems Inc. has taken a step further with their new patent pending technology PePA (Pediatric Platform for Anthropometry). An efficient system that accurately extracts the anthropometrical measurements from infants in recumbent postures within seconds and without any specific restrictions.

The company has joined hand with one the most prestigious childrens hospitals The Hospital for Sick Children located in the heart of Toronto, Canada. The cohesive team will be conducting a study to further enhance medical credibility of PePA as well as provide reassurance in terms of guarantee to the prospective buyers, parents/caregivers and patients. The objective of this study is to assess PePAs accuracy, repeatability (precision), usability, and acceptability.

The study is aimed to assess the accuracy of PePA for pediatric length/height measurement by comparing length/height data obtained with PePA to that obtained with the current gold-standard conventional manual methods (infant length board or stadiometer). Moreover, it will be assessing the precision (repeatability) of paired length/height measurements obtained with PePA along with assessment of patient and parent/caregiver acceptance of, and satisfaction with PePA.

The design of the study will be cross-sectional, based on prospective data collection in an ambulatory paediatric setting. The duration will be of 5 weeks; the first week will be used for training of the research assistants in obtaining accurate length/height measurements using traditional techniques and the PePA apparatus and the latter 4 weeks will be used for data collection.